Quinton De Kock Batting Analysis:

In this article, We will be analyzing Quinton De Kock statistics, IPL career, records and strengths and weaknesses

Quinton de Kock is a 27-year-old South African international cricketer and current captain of the South Africa national cricket team. Playing for the Titans at the domestic level and South Africa at the International level.De Kock is an opening batsman and wicket-keeper and is regarded as one of the best wicket-keeper batsmen in the world. QDK was also named South African Cricketer of the year in 2017. He has also played in the  IPL for Sunrisers HyderabadDelhi DaredevilsRoyal Challengers Bangalore, and Mumbai Indians.

Now let’s see de Kock’s stats in the 3 different formats of the game.


InningsNot outsRunsHighest scoreAverageStrike Rate100’s50’s


InningsNot outsRunsHighest scoreAverageStrike Rate100’s50’s


InningsNot outsRunsHighest scoreAverageStrike Rate100’s50’s
8052934129*39.1270.95 521


De Kock currently plays for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. He opens the batting for the Mumbai Indians along with Rohit Sharma the captain.de Kock is known for his powerful hitting in the powerplay overs.


quinton de kock

You can see that de Kock’s runs for the year 2017 is missing, this is because he had sustained a finger injury that ruled him out of the IPL. In 2016 De Kock didn’t have a really good or bad season. He had played for the Delhi Daredevils(now Delhi Capitals) in 2016 and had a decent season. But then in 2018 he was traded to the Royal Challengers Bangalore and had a disaster of a season. He managed to score only 201 runs and was dropped from the playing 11 in the last 6 matches. In 2019 he played for the Mumbai Indians and had a good season where he scored 529 runs with a strike rate of 132.15 and also won the season.

  De Kock runs in IPL powerplay overs since 2016:

YearRunsStrike rateAvg (in powerplay)

In 2016 de Kock was striking at 145.50 in spite of opening the batting which is astonishing. Despite having a terrible 2018 season of IPL de Kock has still done considerably well in the powerplay overs in 2018. In 2019 de Kock had an average of 20.56 runs in the powerplay itself which is really good for an opening batsman. He still could’ve improved that strike rate a bit.   

Modes of Dismissal in IPL since 2016: 

de kock ipl

De Kock has got out 26 times by just giving catches. This is because once he hits 2 or 3 boundaries, he starts to play aggressive and tries to hit every ball for a boundary, hence he miss times a shot and gives a catch. He has got bowled only 5 times which is relatively better than other opening batsmen in the IPL. De Kock has got runout thrice which is due to his miscommunication with the batsmen at the other end and LBW twice. He has remained not out twice.

Lengths where de Kock got out in IPL since 2016:

de kock wicket

De Kock has got out mostly to the short ball because whenever any ball is bowled short, he blindly tries to pull or hook the ball for a six. But many times, he ends up miss timing the ball badly. This is the main reason why he has got out 18 times to a short ball.

In good length de Kock got out 6 times just to a spinner out of 9 outs. This is because he tries to play against the spin of the ball and ends up poorly judging the ball. He also got out 5 times to a full-length ball and only once to a Yorker.

Bowlers to which de Kock got out in IPL since 2016

de kcok

From the above donut chart, we can see that de Kock has got out to the majority of fast bowlers i.e. left arm pacers+right arm pacers=5+17=22. In that 22 times he has got out 12 times just to slower balls. De Kock gets easily deceived by the slower ball and tries to hit the ball out of the park. But the lack of pace on the ball makes it difficult for him to time the ball perfectly and hence results in a wicket. He finds it difficult when the ball spins into him as he has got out 4 times to leg spinners and thrice to chinaman as he tries to hit them over the top and against the spin, he poorly calculates the spin on the ball and loses his wicket.

De Kock Favourite Shot

Cover Drive:

De Kock’s cover dive looks so elegant and classy when he plays it. Let’s see how he plays the cover drive frame by frame.

de kock

In the first frame you can see how steady his head his, this will help him have a better vision over the ball. You can also see that his bat lift comes between 1st and 2nd slip which is pretty wide.

In the second frame he moves his feet towards the line of the ball and perfectly times the ball between cover and mid-off. He hits the ball right in the middle of the bat and doesn’t look to hit the ball powerfully but just time it and place it where he wants to.

In the third frame we can see how he maintains his balance and holds the pose so perfectly. He looks very comfortable while playing the cover drive as his basics are solid. Hence, any ball that is bowled full, de Kock looks to drive it with no hesitation.

This is the main reason why bowlers find it difficult to get de Kock out on a full-length ball as you can see in the pitch map above.

Pull Shot:

The other shot de Kock loves playing and plays really well is the pull shot. Let’s see how he plays the shot frame by frame.

de kock

In the First frame we can see that his head is steady and is ready for any ball that is pitched outside off.

In the second frame he realizes the ball is pitched short and outside off and gets ready to pull the ball. He takes a big bat lift to hit the ball powerfully to the mid-wicket boundary. He times the ball perfectly and powerfully and plays the ball right under his eyes. Playing the ball right under the eyes helps in playing the shot with better control.

Bat lift comparison with Usman Khawaja:

de kock

Frame 1: De Kock                                         Frame 2: Khawaja

As you can see both de Kock and Khawaja have a wide bat lift. Hence, this is the main reason why both of them are really good at playing the cover drive and the pull shot. But the main drawback of having a wide back lift is if any ball with good pace is pitched on the line of the stumps and swings in or out the batsmen are in big trouble due to bat and pad gap.


de kock out

De Kock finds it very difficult to play any ball that is pitched on the line of the stumps at a good pace.

Since de Kock has a wide bat lift it becomes difficult for him to play the ball with no bat and pad gap. 

In the above picture you can see that the ball is pitched in line of the stumps and swings out. You can also see the lack of foot movement. In the third frame you can see the bat and pad gap which results in de Kock getting clean bowled.

de kock out

Again, you can see the bat and pad gap which results in him getting bowled.

De Kock Test Analysis:

In test matches, de Kock does not open the batting for South Africa.

However, he has opened in 4 Innings but was not successful. 

Here are de Kock’s runs batting position wise in Test.

Batting PositionInningsRuns100’s50’sAVGNot OutsHighest score

De Kock finds it really difficult to play the new ball in test matches as his stats don’t seem convincing at all in the top order. He has not scored a single century when he bats in the top order and has the highest average of only 37 which is not up to the mark for a top-order batsman.

His middle order stats are way better than his top-order stats even though he failed miserably at number 6 where he averages only 29.33. But then at number 7, he’s at his best averaging 49.87 with 5 hundreds and nine fifties. This is because de Kock finds it easier to play the red ball once it has lost its shine.

Performance Home vs Away:


From the above table we can see that de Kock struggles to bat in

Overseas condition and is very much comfortable in playing at home.

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